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Over 50 years of service


CU Autobath Systems has been servicing the Champaign/Urbana area for over "50" plus years. 

The Best in Self-Service Car washed with 2 locations to serve you in CU!

When you want something done right, do it your self!

We give you the best equipment and superior products to accomplish just that!

Bays cleaned, maintained and sanitized daily!

We have "Bonus Tokens"  with Credit cards & Bill changing machines ($5/$10/$20) in the vending areas.

Detail the inside of your cars out with our vending products and our vacuums. 

We have the latest "Smart Brushes" to leave your car sparkling. 

Tips and Information

Follow these 7 steps for a sparkling vehicle


  1. Start with the "TIRE CLEANER
  2. Use the "PRE-SOAK"
  3. Use the "WASH SOAP"
  4. Use the  "FOAM BRUSH"
  5. Use the "RINSE"
  7. Use the "SPOT FREE RINSE"


Following these steps in sequence allows enough time for products to do their job, producing a quality clean car. Each of our bays are equipped with this easy to follow system. 

More Tips and Information

"Bonus Tokens"


We offer "Bonus Tokens" to help you get the best bang for your buck. At our Springfield Avenue location we offer Credit Card payments in all of the bays.

Commercial Bonus Buys


We offer discounts for commercial washes! Stop by the office at our Springfield location  (2206 W. Springfield Avenue Champaign)

to purchase 60 tokens for only $50.00.

Vending Machines


  Our vending machines are restocked daily. We offer airfresheners (Black Ice/Vanilla, New Car, Vanilla& Strawberry). Our vending machines also offer towels, glass cleaner, ArmourAll packets, ArmourAll tire foam         (to make those tires shine).  

Smart Brushes


Our car washes have the latest technology with the new "Smart Brush."  Our natural "hogs hair" brushes prevent potential hazing of the vehicles finish. 

The "Smart Brush" only works with foam flowing through the brush head. This keeps the brush clean and assures the next customer a clean brush for their vehicle. 

Blast Off Tire Cleaner


"Blast Off Tire & Wheel Cleaner"

Follow these 3 steps to get a fantastic finish!

  1. Apply to DRY Tires
  2. Wash vehicle with soap
  3. Before rinsing vehicle spray soap
    "1-inch" from Whitewalls or letters. 


Free Rug Beater


Use our free "Rug Beater." It helps beat out all the dirt from your carpet mats. 

Try our "free" "Shammy Tank" to help squeeze out all the water from your towels while you are drying your vehicle. 


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CU Auto Bath Systems

2208 W Springfield Ave, Champaign, Illinois 61821, United States

(217) 351-3000


We are open 24/7 to serve you!

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